in Warnungen & Banns 31.01.2014 20:03
von MelDre2KSchurke | 2 Beiträge

Hello everyone!
I know some of you don't speak English, but can you please help me?

I was playing with my friend and suddenly i get banned! Does anyone know why?
I am just going to explain what happened!

So, I was just about to sell my old little shack in /desert because I wanted a new house, a bigger one!
So I followed my friend who found some pretty nice villa's close to /lspd (I like it when my house is near somewhere you just can TP to)
When I bought the house ($600000) I wanted a nice vehicle, a Turismo!
So I had $4500 to spend and I missed the last Reaction-Test!
My friend (Jojo_boy) suggested that we can just kill two people ($250 per kill, $250 x 2 = $500) and I needed $500 more for a vehicle!
So when me and my friend were driving towards our second victim, 'POOF' I suddenly get banned!!!

Is it because I killed 2 people in a row, because I don't know why I am banned!
Please help my out so I can play with my friend! My Free-Zone name is MelDre2K

I was banned 2 days ago and I thought ''Maybey if I wait one day, I can go back into the server!'' Which I couldn't!...
''Perhaps two days will get me back into the server'' NOPE

I really hope you guys can help me out and let me play on your F*CK*NG AWESOME SERVER!!!

Thanks, MelDre2K

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RE: Banned

in Warnungen & Banns 31.01.2014 20:15
von RoyADMINISTRATOR | 2.606 Beiträge


according to our serverlog you're innocent. You have been unbanned now.

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