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 [i]Application for the DFE Clan _________________________________________________________________________  Real name: Blagoja Ingame name:Bazo Age:14 Nationality:(Macedonia)[/rot][/small] Contact able in: Joker(skype) (blagojatipce@hotmail.com) Sawn-Off, Uzi and M4 are our traditional weapons in our clan, how good are you with these weapons? Skills with Sawn-Off: (10/10) Skills with Uzi: (9/10) Skills with M4: (10/10) How good is you overall deatmatch knowladge? Deathmatch skills: (10/10) 2-Shot knowledge: (Yes) C-Bug knowledge: (Yes) Slide-Bug knowledge: (Yes) _________________________________________________________________________ How long have you been playing SA-MP? (1 year) _________________________________________________________________________ Ever been in a GTA clan? (In ZR, 4 months, I'm banned) _________________________________________________________________________ How long and how often do you play? (On the day-10 hours in the week-40) _________________________________________________________________________ On which servers do you play? (Balkan Elitez, LVP Beta) _________________________________________________________________________ How did you found us? (My friend told me) _________________________________________________________________________ Why do you want to join us? (Because you are the best) _________________________________________________________________________ In what are you the best mingame? (TDM) _________________________________________________________________________ Application: (I'm very pro ilke the serwer.I'm verry good an I wanna to be DFE.I'm now better that best.) _________________________________________________________________________ I have read the Clan rules. Yes[/] No[] (Please put a cross in the box) I accept the Clan rules. Yes[/] No[] (Please put a cross in the box)

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Rejected,because the best clan application ever.

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