Lost Money / Premium / VIP / Other stuff?

in Serverprobleme / Bugs 07.09.2014 18:31
von RoyADMINISTRATOR | 2.606 Beiträge

This topic is for all users, who lost something in the server.

You need to write it here and not in private messages! So can every administrator can help you with your problem.

And don't forget to post any screenshot if you have. (Of your score, money etc.)
We will check everything anyway in the logfiles, so it is unnecessary to fake something.

Only for administrators:


These are premium accounts that have been bought with ingame stuff. (Bank money, player money or player hours)

- If the player lost his premium account due to inactivity, the player has no chance to get the premium back! Ingame purchased premium accounts need all four weeks a login or the premium state die! (VIP too but only if you got VIP on special events etc.)

- Premium or VIP that have been purchased with real money never expires.

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Lost premium and Vip

in Serverprobleme / Bugs 07.09.2014 18:49
von MahmudVIP | 57 Beiträge

i had vip and premium just yesterday.. today when i logged in it says - Account Status: (Basis)
i lost vip and premium due to inactivity.. the server says.. but i played on the server every day in fact the day before today i as online.. but today i lost it.. .. ( plz i want it back ) :/

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Got VIP + Premium back.

RE: Lost premium and Vip

in Serverprobleme / Bugs 08.09.2014 01:25
von SempiTernalVIP | 87 Beiträge

Tam olarak ne yaziyor anlamadim ama benim vip secretrealinde vip+premium gitmis

TC ... Ne Mutlu Türk'üm Diyene ... TC
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You've got your VIP back.

RE: Lost Money / Premium / VIP / Other stuff?

in Serverprobleme / Bugs 08.09.2014 18:43
von SneaRVIP | 26 Beiträge

VIP ve Premium um gitti. [TC]SecreTReaL

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İlelebet Türkiye İlelebet Türkiye Cumhuriyeti [TC]

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Got VIP + Premium.

RE: Lost Money / Premium / VIP / Other stuff?

in Serverprobleme / Bugs 08.09.2014 19:25
von IgorGlockMÖRDERATOR | 990 Beiträge

New feature or something was happen?

^ gegen 0815 Servers.

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RE: Lost Money / Premium / VIP / Other stuff?

in Serverprobleme / Bugs 08.09.2014 21:25
von D3ATHDFE LEGENDE | 2.365 Beiträge

We didnt implent a new feature or anything like that, its just samp that decieded to get buggy and fuck things up :)

Also; Everyone who lost anything here, please make sure that you have any kind of Proof and One Post each Account is enough.

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in Serverprobleme / Bugs 06.10.2014 16:25
von [KeYz]xReFre$hxMafioso | 334 Beiträge

Ich bin ebend on gekommen weil ich einen Laptop habe und wieder zocken kann und was passiert? VIP+Premium nicht mehr da?!

P.S: Ich habe bekanntgegeben das ich paar Monate ausfalle -.-

Bitte resetet es.
Freue mich über eine Antwort -.-

Ultimates Los Santos Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dir wurde der Premium und VIP Status zurückerstattet.

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