in Report Center 01.10.2014 22:25
von ThePipeOfLifeAmateur | 1 Beitrag

I hate him . He allways says i bought his props, witch i never did and says ''I get banned calling solution''.
I am in my house just afking and he comes killing me 30 times, when im afking in my house (not gonna tell where i had to go to).
Mahmud saw everything.

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This is a lie,do not believe him.You can buy properties which you want...

RE: (ULS)Hristjan

in Report Center 01.10.2014 22:56
von PandaAttentäter | 166 Beiträge

Admins need Screens/video, boi!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Panda! :) / panda@panda-net.de /
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