my application for supporter

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Name: Mahmud
InGame Nick: Mahmud
Nationalaty: Saudi Arabia
Email: mahmudhassan.rifat@yahoo.com
Skype: akborhossain.mahbub123
Languages : English , Arabic,( little German and Little turkish- learned from google translate )

Put a tick on these [ ] caskets.
+ Add your text if necessary.

Do you have administrator experience? Yes [] - No [X]

If you get the job as a team member, you will occasionally receive e-mails reports,
when players use the '/report' command, do you agree? Yes [X] - No [ ]

If you get the job as a team member, it may happen sometimes,
that a higher-ranking member of the team give you some special tasks in special
situations or events, which you then have to deal with, do you agree? Yes [X] - No [ ]
Have you well memorized the server rules? Yes [X] - No [ ]
Have you ever broken any of these rules? Yes [X] - No []

+ If so, which rule/s? (Write down paragraph, here the rules)
yes first time when i was new and i dint knew exact all rules.. :P

Have you ever cheated in SA-MP? (Honest answer is required)]


+ If so, when? (Year) And on which server? (Only name, no IP)

Do you currently use any kind of modification in your GTA? (If so, which kind of modifications?)

Yes [] No [ X]


How long do you play SA-MP a day? (Roughly hour indication)

[12-15 hours or more] and i play everyday


What can you do particularly well? (We don't ask your ingame experience)


What bothers you the server the most? (Player behavior, cheater, [...]?)

{only Hackers]


Letter of application (Here is the text available, which should convince us to appoint you as admin / supporter.)

[I play long time in DFE, i know all rules/players and players like me.]



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lockDas Thema wurde geschlossen.

Thank you for your application, please be patient until we have made ​​a decision. This may take some time.

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