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First name: Bobo
Nickname: [ULS] Arrow
Gender: Male
Nationality: Macedonian
Age: 15
Languages: Macedonian, English, German
Contact: bobo.bosss@hotmail.com or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile. php? id = 100002603948750

Put a tick on synthesis [] caskets.
+ Add your text if be necessary. Do you have administrator experience? -Yes ________________________________________________________________________ have you well memorized the server rules? -Yes _________________________________________________________________________ have you ever broken any of synthesis rules? Once, and never again + If so, Which rule / s? (Write down paragraph, here the rules). -No, Never _________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever cheated in SA-MP? (Honest answer is required)] + If so, when? (Year) And on Which server? (Only name, no IP) ________________________________________________________________________ Do you currently use any kind of modification in your GTA? (If so, Which kind of modifications?) [Car texture mod] _________________________________________________________________________ How long do you play SA-MP a day? (Roughly hour indication) [3-4 hour.] + Would that change if you get administrative rights? _____________- Yes, If i get admin rank, sure, I want to play for 4-5 hours ____________________________________________________________ What can you do particularly well? (We do not ask your ingame experience) [Playing Sports, and aslo I know everything about computers.] _________________________________________________________________________ What bothers you the server of the most? (Player behavior, cheater, [...]?) [Hackers] _________________________________________________________________________ Letter of application (Here is the text available, Which shoulderstand convince us to appoint you as admin / supporter.) [I start playing on DFE since 2013 and I know all rules and players who are honest and good.] ___________________________________________________________________________
If I become Admin , I will TRY to make more players , I'm good at it !!!
Thank You, Bobo

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Thank you for your application, but we don't need new supporters. We only need more active players.

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