JeNkStA attackiert SA:MP Server?

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Update 1 (21 06 2010):
Some R7 servers are being attacked. The IP ranges of the attackers are now scattered and it appears that a tool may have been released.
0.3a R8 linux server is being tested and will be released tommorow.

Update 2 (22 06 2010):
SA-MP 0.3a R8 server has been released for both windows and linux. Information can be found in this thread.

Original notice:

This is just a heads up to SA-MP server owners that developers of the "IV:MP" mod are launching denial of service/crash attacks against SA-MP servers. A 0.3a server update (R8) for linux will be issued shortly and a Windows version some time after. If you have received a connection from proceeding a server crash then you have most likely been targeted.

On Saturday morning the owner of ls-rp alerted me that their server had unexpectedly been shutting down during the night. Upon inspection of the crash details, I determined a robot was joining the server and sending erroneous information to the OnDialogResponse script callback. The binary data showed that this could not have been sent from a normal SA-MP client because it was sending values the SA-MP client is not programmed to send.

PlayerId: 0 IP:
00 00 01 00 00 08 * * * * * * * *
(Dialog ID) 0
(Response) 1
(List Item) 0
(String) password

No version of the SA-MP client (including test versions) would ever respond with List Item 0 in response to an input dialog, it should have been -1 (0xFFFF). This proves that the client connecting from this IP address is not a standard SA-MP client but a custom coded bot.

Upon lookup of the IP address and e-mail used by this account on ls-rp, it was determined that the account belonged to "jenksta", the main developer of the IV:MP mod. The hostname seemed to also match the address he was using on IRC. One of the ls-rp admins then confronted him with the information (conversation here: http://pastebin.com/T6bNwNZa) we had put together and he explained that he was simply trying to play on the server and the most likely cause of the crash was that he was using an illegally acquired beta version of SA-MP along with a cheat program. This explanation doesn't appear to hold any water as the attack occured over a period of 12 hours, which would have been during the early hours of the morning during his time. His IP address had joined the server more than 100 times (log here: http://pastebin.com/GwtJAvN2), and never spawned. It's unlikely that someone who is not a regular on ls-rp would dedicate 12 hours trying to join a server that was crashing over and over. Having written the netcode for SA-MP, I can say with 100% confidence that the information sent from this IP address was not from any version of the SA-MP client and whoever wrote this attack went to considerable effort and also had a good knowledge of SA-MP's networking layer RakNet.

Since jenksta refused to answer the question of why he attacked, and instead decided to launch in to an angry rant about how he thinks SA-MP is buggy, I can only assume the purpose of the attack was to take down a large SA-MP server in order to promote his own projects. Jenksta is not only the main coder of the IV:MP mod but he has also been commiting code to MTA and, not surprisingly, is closely associated with GTANet - where many attacks on SA-MP over the last 2 years have originated.

I find it despicable that both GTANet and MTA, which are unofficially endorsed by Rockstar Games could be the source of so many attacks on me and on SA-MP. They have succeeded, in many ways, in alienating and dividing a large portion of the GTA playing base. They cannot seem to handle the fact that so many GTA players, for the past several years, have been interested in playing a mod that they have no control over, and that their efforts to develop SA-MP clones have not received the same amount of interest from GTA players as SA-MP.

Erst der Konflikt mit MTA San Andreas und jetzt auch nun mit IV:MP? O:

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