SA-MP 0.3d BETA client/server

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Vielleicht wird es jemanden interessieren, dass ein neues Update von SA-MP bald erscheinen wird.
War zu faul, um die News früher zu posten.

Zitat von Kalcor

SA-MP 0.3d RC

Note: SA-MP 0.3d is now in feature lockdown. Only critical bugs will be fixed from here on.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC9-3

Unfortunately, the game pausing at the menu changes made earlier will have to be reverted. At this stage it appears to be causing too many new problems and crashes. Hopefully this feature can be tested further and added to a future SA-MP update. This also reverts changes made to TogglePlayerControllable.

- Added "directmode" sa-mp.cfg variable for players that have problems with chat text rendering.
- Fixed issue with the client not returning to class selection after a gamemode restart.
- Fixes a client crash related to DestroyObject.
- Fixes a client crash related to trailers detaching.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC9-2

- Should fix problem with vehicles instantly stopping at the pause menu.
- In some situations it was still possible to have overlapping audio streams.
- Fixed problems with dialogs displaying during alt-tab and pause.
- Should resolve remaining issues with motorbike/pushbike spawning above the ground.
- Readded cPos/sPos to /dl.
- Should resolve issue with snow object texture introduced in RC9.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3d RC9

- Added OnPlayerClickMap pawn callback.
- Disabled AllowAdminTeleport and AllowPlayerTeleport.
- You can use the GTA ~k~ constants in client messages and 3d text labels.
- Fixed issue with LOS parameter in player 3D text labels.
- Fixed potential client crash if a player enters an invalid passenger seat.
- Fixed issue with motorbikes/pushbikes spawning above the ground.
- Fixed server crash on windows server if you entered a blank command in the console.

forward OnPlayerClickMap(playerid, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ);

OnPlayerClickMap is called when a player right clicks on the GTA:SA map menu. The position returned is the X,Y positon they clicked and an estimated ground postion. Please note: Since players do not know the ground position for the entire GTA:SA map, the Z value provided is only an estimate. You may need to use a plugin like the MapAndreas plugin to get a more accurate ground Z position.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3d RC8

- 'multicore' option is now enabled by default.
- Removed unused textures from the samp.img.
- Fixes game exit crash related to the object limit increase.
- Fix for TogglePlayerControllable when the player as at the menu.
- Fix for traffic lights desyncing.
- Updated credits screen.
- Updated NSIS installer version (fixes problems with UAC on Windows 7).

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3d RC7

- Should fix chat rendering issues on notebooks with VIA/S3 graphics.
- Added IsObjectMoving/IsPlayerObjectMoving pawn natives.
- Corrects problem with using SetVehicleParamsEx in OnVehicleSpawn.
- Fixed vanishing pickups in interiors.
- Added GetPlayerTargetPlayer() pawn native, which gets the players current target player (think green arrow thing).
- Fixed crash if you paused in debug/test mode.
- You can now use the 'Test' mode of Jernej's map editor to spawn inside interiors (as long as you have the interior object selected).
- Added latest objects from cessil:
* A replacement mesh for the Verona mall which contains enterable shop areas which you can add objects to. Please see the ls_mall.pwn FS for an example.
* A hot air balloon object with several colour variations.
* Fireman hats.

native GetPlayerTargetPlayer(playerid);

Get the player that the player is trying to target with aim [right click] button. Returns INVALID_PLAYER_ID if there is no target player.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC6-2

- Should fix most problems related to pausing at the menu which were introduced in 0.3d RC6.
- More tweaks to the siren enabling since some people reported it was still hard to enable.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC6

- Added KEY_YES (Y), KEY_NO (N), KEY_CTRL_BACK (H) game keys for GetPlayerKeys().
- TextDrawSetString() can be used to change the sprite texture of an existing TextDraw.
- Fixed problem where attached objects might keep moving after StopObject is called.
- Fixed problem some players experience trying to enable the vehicle siren.
- The game will not pause when you enter the menu.
- The game will not go to the menu when you return from alt-tab.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC5-3

- You can now use SA-MP's TextDraw system with a special font ID to draw on-screen sprites from the single-player missions.

if(strcmp(cmd, "/tdsprite",true) == 0) {
new Text:txtSprite1;
txtSprite1 = TextDrawCreate(200.0, 220.0, "samaps:map"); // Text is txdfile:texture
TextDrawFont(txtSprite1, 4); // Font ID 4 is the sprite draw font
TextDrawTextSize(txtSprite1,200.0,200.0); // Text size is the Width:Height
return 1;

By setting the font ID to 4 and the text to txdfile:texture you can draw a single on-screen sprite. Possible values for txdfile are:
- hud: Textures from the game's hud.txd
- samaps: San Andreas map textures included with SA-MP in the samaps.txd file in the SAMP folder.
- Any txd file and texture found in the models\txd folder in your GTA San Andreas directory.

Example of things that can be drawn with on-screen sprites:

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC5-2

- The surfing logic now works on objects attached to vehicles.
- Changes to the way clients deal with moving objects:

The behaviour of MoveObject will have to be changed from previous SA-MP versions, as the position can become desynced - especially when a player pauses. If you want to use MoveObject on an object that is already moving, and you want it to start moving from its current position, you must first call StopObject. If you don't use StopObject first, the last MoveObject will finish instantly and the object will begin moving from the last MoveObject position.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3d RC5

- Added OnPlayerGiveDamage callback. This is the opposite of OnPlayerTakeDamage. It is sent by a player who is damaging another player.
- More tweaks to the weapon strafing game speed.
- Fix for SetPlayerTeam() sometimes desyncing and allowing friendly fire.
- Players found a way to avoid colour codes being stripped from the chat text. This has been resolved in 0.3d.
- Added the missing player skins. Thanks to IllidanS4 for providing the IDs and the voice file names.

forward OnPlayerGiveDamage(playerid, damagedid, Float:amount, weaponid);

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC4-2

- Some users were experiencing a start-up crash related to Securom.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3d RC4

- The player slots on the server is uncapped (up to 500 slots).
- MoveObject will not interfere with rotation if the rotation parameters aren't used. It will also not interfere with SetObjectRot().
- Fixed 2-sided texture problem on the Area 51 fence.

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC3-3

- This update should correct problems some people noticed with slightly increased game speed.
- Added sa-mp.cfg option 'multicore'. If you set multicore=1 in the sa-mp.cfg, GTA:SA will use multiple CPU cores when running SA-MP. Eventually this option will be enabled by default, once it has been through some testing.
- Added all latest models and edits from cessil to the samp.ide/samp.img.
- Removed the BigCesar model from the samp.ide because it appears to be causing hangs.

Important: For servers that use SPECIAL_ACTION_USECELLPHONE. This special action will no longer display the cellphone model in the player's hand. This has been done so that other objects can be used in place of the cellphone, such as the custom phones originally added in 0.3c. To replicate the old behaviour of this special action, please see the script below:

if(strcmp(cmd, "/usecell",true) == 0) {
SetPlayerSpecialAction(playerid, SPECIAL_ACTION_USECELLPHONE);
SetPlayerAttachedObject(playerid, 4, 330, 6); // 4 = attachment slot, 330 = cellphone model, 6 = right hand
return 1;

if(strcmp(cmd, "/stopcell",true) == 0) {
SetPlayerSpecialAction(playerid, SPECIAL_ACTION_STOPUSECELLPHONE);
RemovePlayerAttachedObject(playerid, 4);
return 1;

Optional client update SA-MP 0.3d RC3-2

- Fixed problem with audio stream not always stopping when the next stream is played.
- If MoveObject() is used on an object that is already moving, the previous MoveObject() won't be finalised (it will start moving from its existing position, not the last MoveObject target position).
Although the proper behaviour of MoveObject() should be to finish the previous move before moving again, it doesn't match this behaviour in previous SA-MP versions, and the newer behaviour (introduced in 0.3d RC3) would break existing scripts.
- Fixed a game crash when surfing an object which was deleted.
- Fixed issue with player spinning when standing on a rotating object.
- Fixed some weapon issues related to the GTA engine tweaks introduced in 0.3d RC3.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3d RC3

- Some tweaks to the GTA:SA engine should result in increased FPS, smoother game-play, and less CPU usage for most players.
- Added final rotation parameters for MoveObject() (as default parameters).
- Added AttachObjectToObject() and object surfing on attached moving objects.
- Added example scripts: cargo ship, pirate ship, ferris wheel, for MoveObject rotation and AttachObjectToObject.
- Fixed buffer overflow in server config exec command described here: http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/17893
As always, we recommend server owners never use config files or scripts from untrusted sources. Always edit your own config files and compile any pawn scripts your server uses from the .pwn file.

Important: The changes to MoveObject will not require you to change your script, however, all scripts that use MoveObject must be recompiled for SA-MP 0.3d.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3d RC2

- Added OnPlayerTakeDamage script callback for tracking damage events on a player.
- Fixed problems with tow trucks losing their tow around other players.
- Added DIALOG_STYLE_PASSWORD for ShowPlayerDialog() which shows a masked input box.
- The audio stream will stop playing once the player is disconnected from the server.
- Fixed problems playing certain audio IDs above 2000 in PlayerPlaySound.
- Added /audiomsg command to disable audio stream URL messages in the chat.
- The 0.3d server lists are now live.

cessil has been working on some new models for SA-MP 0.3d.
Included in SA-MP 0.3d RC2 are replacement jail cell doors, a replacement SFPD interior model with the cell doors removed, taxi signs which can be attached to any vehicle.

public OnPlayerTakeDamage(playerid, issuerid, Float:amount, weaponid)

OnPlayerTakeDamage is called when a player takes damage and loses health.

playerid is the player who has taken damage. issuerid might be the player responsible for the damage. If the player has lost health as the result of a fall or collision, the issuerid will be INVALID_PLAYER_ID. The Float:amount contains the amount of health lost by the player from this damage event. weaponid contains the weapon type which might have caused the damage, similar to OnPlayerDeath.

Changes for SA-MP 0.3d:

- Support for Shoutcast/Icecast audio streams
- All misson sounds (IDs greater than 2000) from GTA:SA single player can now be used with PlayerPlaySound
- RemoveBuildingForPlayer can be used to remove any building or object from the game
- Fixed issue with radar jumping up and down while passengering in a vehicle
- Fixed quite a few issues with the vehicle sync which might cause vehicles to warp or to appear to be moving sideways
- Fixed problems with the motorbike/pushbike sync
- Fixed surfing on train carriages
- MAX_OBJECTS has been increased to 1000
- MAX_PICKUPS has been increased to 4096
- The frame limiter will now default to 50 fps
- Fixed some small issues with the vehicle exiting animation
- Fixed game crashes related to escalators
- Server has a feature to monitor internal frame rate in the network stats string
- Fixed an issue where you might respawn on top of the last vehicle you were surfing
- Removed the PED FACTALK animation from showing up in GetPlayerAnimationIndex
- Fixed the collision on the elevator model which would allow you to jump out while it was moving down

native PlayAudioStreamForPlayer(playerid, url[], Float:posX = 0.0, Float:posY = 0.0, Float:posZ = 0.0, Float:distance = 50.0, usepos = 0);
native StopAudioStreamForPlayer(playerid);

PlayAudioStreamForPlayer is used so that the player can hear a shoutcast or icecast audio stream. Formats supported are ogg/vorbis streams and MP3 streams. The audio can either by played in the background like the normal San Andreas radio, or it can be played at a particular position, and heard over a certain distance, when 'usepos' is set to 1.

The volume of the audio stream playback is controlled by the player using their San Andreas radio volume. If their San Andreas radio volume is set to 0 they will not play any audio stream sent by the server.

Under most circumstances, audio streaming should just work. If the player requires a proxy to access the web, the SA-MP client will use the proxy they have set in their Windows internet settings. However, there is an option to override the proxy by adding audioproxyoff=1 to the sa-mp.cfg file.

native RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, modelid, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ, Float:fRadius);

RemoveBuildingForPlayer can remove existing objects and buildings from San Andreas for a particular player. This function only needs to be called once and the model ID you specify will be removed for that player around the given point and radius. You can specify a large radius to remove all objects of particular model ID.

native PlayerPlaySound(playerid, soundid, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z);

This function can now play most sound IDs found in the \data\AudioEvents.txt file in your GTA San Andreas folder.

- This release is for scripting only.
- More features and models will be added throughout the RC phase.

0.3d files


SA-MP 0.3d RC9-3 Client
SA-MP 0.3d RC9 Windows Server
SA-MP 0.3d RC9 Linux Server:

Ich habe es bereits etwas getestet und muss sagen, dass ich deutlich mehr FPS in an allen Orten habe. Um genauer zu sein spielt das FPS zwischen 80 bis sogar manchmal +100 und das trotz meines Holzrechners.

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RE: SA-MP 0.3d RC5-3 client/server

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cool cool, wann wird der server dann auf 0.3d umgestellt?

Meine DFE Werke:

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RE: SA-MP 0.3d RC5-3 client/server

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RE: SA-MP 0.3d RC5-3 client/server

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Update, RC6 wurde veröffentlicht!

Zitat von D4rksh4doW
cool cool, wann wird der server dann auf 0.3d umgestellt?

Wenn 0.3d fertig für jeden released wird.

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RE: SA-MP 0.3d RC5-3 client/server

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SA-MP 0.3d wurde nun released!

Zitat von Kalcor
SA-MP 0.3d features

- Support for Shoutcast/Icecast audio streams.
- Major performance improvements and smoother game-play.
- Improvements to sync, including vehicle passengering and motorbikes.
- New models, including a replacement mall, hot air balloon, fireman hats.
- You can surf on objects attached to moving objects and objects attached to vehicles.
- Servers can remove static buildings from the map.
- Moving objects can now rotate smoothly.
- Many new scripting functions and callbacks for SA-MP servers.

Der Server wird bald geupdatet!

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RE: SA-MP 0.3d RC5-3 client/server

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RE: SA-MP 0.3d RC5-3 client/server

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Was wird "Bald" heißen?
Weil ich mein PC neu gemacht habe,
und ich jetzt kein SA:MP 0.3c mehr hab :-P

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